Reasons you should be using LinkedIn more

LinkedIn is truly the unsung hero of social media, and we’ll outline why briefly. This is the only medium dedicated to 100% constructive purposes, the main one being business and professional connections. There is no spam on here. No silly gifs, emoticons, or random animal videos (we love animals, we’re just saying there needs to be a point to everything).

You should be using LinkedIn more, and below are some reasons why:

  • Business
  • Intercompany communications
  • Headhunting
  • Professional connections


If you are a sole proprietorship, you can promote your services very successfully on the platform. If you’re an architect, a freelance designer, fungshui expert, or whatever, a LinkedIn profile will always help. It’s a screenshot of your professional experience at a glance.

LinkedIn is handy if you plan on changing your job. You can update your profile, get recommendations,and share your LinkedIn profile through your other social media profiles. The more you interact, the more chance you have of getting a call about a job interview and being hired. It would always help to add links to completed projects.

If you want to change your career path and you’re looking for a job in a completely different industry, LinkedIn can only help. In this case, make sure you add additional training and qualifications.

Climbing the career ladder

You don’t want to change companies – you simply yearn to get at a promotion within the same organization. Then, update your profile with leadership qualtiies and recommendations from teammates and forward it to your HR. It’s more professional than sending a resume over.


If you’re a recruiter browsing a sector for experts a client wants to hire, you’ll look for the most recently updated profiles. What is more, LinkedIn is a very safe channel of communication, safer than Facebook or communication by phone, and 100% professional. After you sift the candidates, you will provide the shortlisted ones (those who pass the preliminary screening) with more details about the job.

Intercompany Communication

LinkedIn is a great choice for official exchanges. Let’s say the HR manager of company A approaches his counterpart at B for safe and efficient exchange of workforce between their organizations, whether on permanent or temporary contracts as the case may be. That’s safer and less time-consuming than lengthy conversations over the phone or live interviews.

Having a profile is also very useful for scholars and scientists who want to further their careers as they can get in touch with academies, universities, and other academic institutions more easily.

Finally, pro athletes and other sports professionals use the platform to connect with administrative officials of the teams, including managers. Anyone can benefit from LinkedIn!