Augmented & Virtual Reality Startup Companies to Watch in 2019

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startups raised in excess of $6 billion in 2018. It might surprise you, but this money isn’t simply generated for virtual reality porn. Many inventive, immersive experiences are being produced which cover a large spectrum. From transporting users around the world in seconds to life-changing programs, virtual reality is one of technology’s most thrilling and emerging industries. This is reflected in the statistics of those using VR, with it jumping from 90 million users in 2017 to 171 million in 2018.

So what upcoming augmented and virtual reality startups are worth keeping an eye on? We’ve spotlighted four of the best


When you start adding mind control to the virtual reality mix, the possibilities and excitement become seemingly endless. However, is this really feasible? Well thanks to Neurable, science fiction is turning into a reality.

Due to their innovative technology utilizing electroencephalography (EEG), it is possible to interact with augmented and virtual reality applications using only brain activity. As this avoids lag-prone technologies such as voice commands and using controllers, mind control could have a prominent place in VR’s future. After all, the brain works faster as a direct source rather than being needed to speak, move your hands and any other body commands.

It’s still early days for Neurable, but they’re certainly a startup worth watching.

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Jaunt VR

While Pornhub VR might transport you to, ahem, certain immersive situations, there are other applications available which can take you on a thrilling (and family-friendly) virtual reality journey. One of the emerging startups in this field is Jaunt VR.

Hundreds of videos, which includes everything from concerts to documentaries, can be enjoyed in full 360-degree, VR goodness. One minute you could go on an informative tour of the stunning Redwood National Pak, the next minute riding in the Batmobile alongside the Lego iteration of Batman. These Jaunt VR videos are free to watch on a desktop or mobile device, yet they’re bumped up a few levels when experienced in virtual reality.

Surgical Theater

Did you know the third highest cause of death relates to medical errors? While this is a scary thought, one VR system is helping to combat this issue: Surgical Theater.

Medical errors typically crop up due to the unique nature of each patient, and the difficulty of performing surgery with the necessary precision. This concern is only exemplified as, normally, surgeons only have a generic two-dimensional model of a human body for planning out a surgery.

Well with Surgical Theater, their system can input a patient’s medical details to reconstruct body parts which need treating. For example, angiograms, CT scans and MRIs can be used to generate a 3D model of a brain. The brain can then be explored in detail, going through each stage of the surgery process, and greatly improving the overall chance of a successful operation.

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Despite online retailers thriving while brick and mortar stores struggle, the latter does possess one particular advantage over their website counterparts: the ability to physically touch and try items. Avametric, however, are attempting to bridge the gap.

With Avametric, retailers have the chance to create virtual dressing rooms. This means that, with the power of VR and AR, customers can try on clothes in the comfort of their own home. Admittedly it hasn’t quite reached the stage where you can pick up a t-shirt and put it on. You enter your body measurements, and a 3D model of your body is projected while wearing a selected outfit. Although remember: this is only the beginning!